Cape Town, Coming home in 2021
February 15, 2021


I am a Body Massage /Beauty Therapist as well as an experienced Baby/Childcare Private AuPair/Nanny

and Tutor. I teach English as a second language through TEFL.

I am 54 year old single womanwith 3 adult children .

I am in the admin process of Aliyah being held up by one civil document undelivered yet.

My dream and goal is to write my book based on my car accident/ brain damage that bought about my past and changed my future.

Because if this event I have both a passion and a desire with healing, movement, knowledge and education in children and adults struggling with pain.

Donna 🪴

Aliyah Status: I intend to make Aliyah

Year I'm coming home: 2021

Profession: Body / Beauty Therapist. Childcare Facilitator

Birth Date: 7/28/1966

Marital Status: Divorced

Number of Children: 3

Areas of Interest:

Help with job search

Help with rentals

Financial Advise (Banks, Credit cards, etc)

Enrolled in the PIA Mentors Program

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