Tony my Hebrew Name is David Ben Avracham

Tony my Hebrew Name is David Ben Avracham

Bottineau, North Dakota, Coming home in 2022
December 4, 2020
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In May of 1990 I finished a process that I had undertaken about four years before, I finished my conversion to Judaism (Modern Orthodox in Toledo OH, observe conservadox) and I was supposed to make Aliyah at that time and due to the fact of Operation Desert Storm, my parents would not allow me to make Aliyah, and I have in a sense have been trying ever since, life circumstances always seemed to create an obstruction to make the move. I believe it is becoming more unsafe in America and around the world to be Jewish and I can feel it and I feel now more than ever it is now time to make Aliyah, I do not speak Hebrew but I am open to learn with help

I am single, 57 years old currently finishing up my associates in Photography (A.A.S) and currently work in retail, before that I worked as a Nurses Aide I guess you would call them orderlies and I am Certified to be a Phlebotomist by the American Association of Clinical Pathology I worked in hospitals and eldercare and special care facilities, due to some Issues with shyness and being introverted I have some difficulties making friends, as being an outsider I know my need are not always the needs of Israel or its society

Aliyah Status: I intend to make Aliyah

Year I'm coming home: 2022

Profession: nurses aide, phlebotomist ,photograper

Birth Date: 6/4/1963

Marital Status: Divorced

Enrolled in the PIA Mentors Program

mentor program
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