Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Coming home in 2021
January 8, 2021
mentor program

Shalom - first off I found your info through listening to TLV1 podcast.

I am now 51 year single gay male currently finishing off my final deployment in the middle east with the US military.

My retirement date after 22 years of service in Logistics and supply/food/retail military side as a COL/GS 15 is AUG 2021. My position is a hybrid between Army and GOV Civil service - yes very unusual. German Abitur, US Bachelors and Masters Degree.

I've been planning Aliyah for over 5 years with the Date of SEP 2021 as my target; application and documents have been provided to NBN now pending interview and background checks ( waiting for 6 months window)

Religious but not .. with shortage of Rabbi's throughout the US military, I Volunteered as a Senior rank to assume the role of Lay Leader to run Jewish services for the Chapels and have been an endorsed Lay Leader through the Jewish Welfare Board for over 10 years.

My plan is to go South, Start off in Beersheva complete ULPAN and see where things take me. My father (77 retired US Military) will follow eventually - part time for sure, maybe more as he ages.

Interests/Info: Can I complete a working ULPAN somewhere versus daily short classroom sessions, immersion is the best method to learn - I am multi lingual, Native German and English speaker, basic school Spanish and French.

Housing/Job/Living options in the Jordan Valley and "settlements" but can't find information about it. Not sure how welcome I would be.

I have also volunteered with Sar-El numerious times over the past 10 plus years.

I want to work - not sure what I can do given no Hebrew skills, yet but far to young to just sit back as a pensioner.

Well I hope my candor is not off putting.


Aliyah Status: I intend to make Aliyah

Year I'm coming home: 2021

Profession: Military Service

Birth Date: 1/2/1970

Marital Status: Single

Number of Children: 0

Areas of Interest:

Advice about lifts and shipping

Help with job search

Help with rentals

Help with home purchase

Financial Advise (Banks, Credit cards, etc)

Enrolled in the PIA Mentors Program

mentor program
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