Skokie, Illinois, Aliyah 2018
January 27, 2021

My husband and I made aliyah after his retirement from Skokie and Baltimore, and we have ties to other US communities as well. I am part of the frum.world, but glad to have friends with a variety of viewpoints. I currently live in Har Nof, a religious neighborhood in western Yerushalayim where English is spoken by about a third of the residents, but the overall feel is "Israeli". One of our kids lives here in Israel, in a yeshiva community with her family. The others are raising their families in the States.

Aliyah Status: I made Aliyah

Made Aliyah: 2018

Profession: Mental health, education, community relations

Birth Date: 7/10/1953

Marital Status: Married

Number of Children: 4

Areas of Interest:

Shabbat hosting

Weekday hosting

Giving a tour of your community

Teaching Hebrew

Enrolled in the PIA Mentors Program

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