Parents of School Age Children

Parents of School Age Children

Inform the Municipal Aliyah Coordinator in your future community in Israel
January 31, 2021

Submitted by Eli Bialik at NBN:

Dear Parents of School Age Children,

Now is the time to inform the Municipal Aliyah Coordinator in your future community in Israel of your family’s educational needs.

Municipal Aliyah Coordinators offer invaluable guidance and assistance with navigating the local educational system including the Public (Mamlachti), Religious Public (Mamlachti Dati), and Chareidi schools from kindergarten through high school.

Many schools with an acceptance process are currently conducting virtual interviews for the upcoming school year. Don’t miss out!

In most circumstances, actual registration will only be completed upon your Aliyah, after receiving a rental contract, and having your Israeli address updated in your Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID).

For children with special needs or significant learning disabilities, please engage the Municipal Aliyah Coordinator as soon as possible.

Municipal Aliyah Coordinators:

Jerusalem: Yisrael Cohn -

Beit Shemesh: Tami Elmaliach –

Modiin: Sarah Mintzer - 

Ra’anana: Limor Ben Baruch / Dorit Frenkel

Ramat Gan: Elisheva Ackerson -

Efrat: Alissa Fried Harbater -

Gush Etzion: Caroline Schuhl Schattner -

Be’er Sheva: Chani Goldblatt -  

Tzfat: Yisrael Sofer -

Zichron Yaakon: Pnina Salomon -

Beitar Illit: Leora Gruen -

Katzrin: Keren Eliezer -

Ashkelon: Valerie Iluz - Tel. 972-50-244-7832 (special needs / learning disabilities only)

For those making Aliyah to a community without a Municipal Aliyah Coordinator listed above, feel free to reach out to the education department of the municipality for any needed clarifications.

Please contact your Nefesh B’Nefesh Aliyah Advisor if you require additional assistance in choosing a community for Aliyah.

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