Debbie Apfel

Debbie Apfel

Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef, Aliyah 2015
August 31, 2020
mentor program

We made Aliyah 5 years ago from Teaneck, NJ. We have half our children in Israel and half are finishing their education in the states and plan to make Aliyah. Presently my husband who is a dentist does mostly tzedaka dentistry here and works for parnassah in the states. Our children are grown ranging in age from 25-32. We bli a"h have 7 grandchildren.

We would be happy to do hosting etc when we are no longer dealing with Corona.

Aliyah Status: I made Aliyah

Made Aliyah: 2015

Birth Date: 11/17/1964

Marital Status: Married

Number of Children: 4

Areas of Interest:

Shabbat hosting

Help with job search

Help with rentals

Enrolled in the PIA Mentors Program

mentor program