NW Part of Jerusalem. 

Primarily suburban, private houses, cottages, 

Low supply of rental opportunities 

Expensive housing. ex: 1M NIS for 3-4 bedroom house. 

Terrain: hills and inclines. 

Trails for walking, biking, hiking

Scenic views 

❇️General history: Ramot Bet was built for the affluent society upon Israel gaining sovereignty of Jerusalem from 67 and on. 


Buses readily accessible 

10 min bus to Shuk

20 min bus to Old City. 

Morning commute congested with people leaving the area at the same time. 

❇️Key Demographics:

Israeli, American, Canadian, British, South African, community. English and Hebrew speaking. 

Dati leumi, Frum families, typically ranging secular to modern orthodox to right frum. Not “farfrumt”

Community consists of retirement age and middle aged adults and families. Younger families 30’s-40’s moving in, young children through HSers. 

Olim who’ve been in Israel for 4 decades and those within the last 10 years. 

Shuls for every type. 


Torah U’mada 

Respect one another/non judgmental of neighbor lifestyles. 

Politically conservative/right wing on Israeli and US politics. 

Israeli patriotism 

Hachnasat orchim

Bnei Akiva for youth. 


Relatively higher socio-economic status. 

People commute to Modiin, Tel-Aviv, Beit Shemesh, within Jerusalem, Har HaTzofim Jerusalem high-tech center. 

People working remotely within Israel as well as working American hours. 


Reputable dati schooling options spanning elementary through HS ages. Kids go to school locally or commute to Beit Shemesh

❇️Health care access/ Amenities:



Organic and health food stores 

Matnas= Active Jewish community center

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